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Slump Studio is Silversmith, Aimée, and artist, Larissa; a sister duo from Walsall, UK. Slump Studio items are handmade by us, from fused glass and solid sterling silver; only the best materials to ensure our products are healthy on your skin. 

Slump Studio has a love affinity with glass for many reasons. We love that our earrings cannot be replicated twice even by attempt, so only you will wear anything like your item(s). We are proud that our items are ecologically conscious and fully recyclable  the silver and glass can be separated and both be recycled, and our packaging is all recyclable and/or bio-degradable. There certainly will be no trace of us after we're gone!

We love the temperamental nature of glass, with each fire in our kiln, we are unsure how the glass will ripple, colour-morph, bubble and shine - leaving a great deal of excitement with every jewellery collection launch.

Back wall.jpg

Our self-built garden shed-io!

We set up Slump Studio (officially) in 2020, working casually a year before that figuring out how we could work together. We have always been very close as sisters so establishing Slump fell into place like second nature.


As children, our biggest treat was when our mom would let us look through her jewellery box. It was our maternal great-grandma who was the jewellery collector, which then grew when passed to her daughter, and again when it found its' way to our mom. The jewellery was mainly from between the Victorian-period to the late art-deco era, where the range of styles from these times inspired us to think about more contemporary and the possibilities of current materials and colours.


Winter Art Fair 2019, Eastside Projects (Birmingham).

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